Podcast Review: Fintech Insider Hallowe’en Special

We delve deep into the underbelly of the fintech world just in time for Hallowe'en

We delve deep into the underbelly of the fintech world just in time for Hallowe'en

By Amy Rowe

It’s official, being the ‘uber’ of something is most definitely not cool, Google's Pixel 2 smartphones are a bit naff and celeb cryptocurrency endorsements are vomit-inducing. 

That’s all according to the folk who attended Fintech Insider’s After Dark live podcast last week, a Hallowe’en special recorded at WeWork Aldgate East. For those not in the know, that’s right in the throbbing heart of London’s tech scene, cushioned by achingly cool coffee shops that from the outside, look like vacant buildings. The crowd, made up of hip young things (including me, obviously) from fintech start ups and innovation labs of banks, were asked by podcast hosts to rate trending topics on an ‘emoji’ wall of fame. And the result? A rip roaring two hours of high jinks, punctuated by snappy segments and wisecracks. The Fintech Insiders, who hail from consultancy 11:FS, aren’t just calling themselves insiders for nothing. They’ve really tapped into something with their podcasting and events and, in an industry that could fall prey to taking itself a little bit too seriously,  (cue Silicon Valley sitcom style cliches), they’re very clearly not taking themselves too seriously. Which is why, you should obviously take this podcast very seriously. Because it’s funny, and the wit of its hosts make otherwise quite dry topics, such as ICOs, much more engaging, at the same time as being informative.

Hosts Jason Bates, David M. Brear and Simon Taylor asked why hot pink Monzo bank cards had become the new chat up line on the London dating scene, plus what will happen when all the names and made up names for startups have been taken. The panel, made up of Valentina Kristensen, Head of Marketing at challenger bank Oak North, Charlie Wood from consultancy Capco, journalist Monty Munford and Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia, also debated more serious topics, such as gender diversity in banking and the future of ICOs.

To listen to Fintech Insider’s podcast, which comes highly recommended from us lot at Foco, either search for Fintech Insider wherever you get your podcasts, or go direct to this special episode.