Tech & Tonic: Open Banking arrives at last and attack of the (very polite) robots



What's been happening in the world of fintech this week? Glad you asked. Pour yourself a glass of something nice and read on.

The dawn of Open Banking

The big news in fintech this week is, of course, that much-awaited regulatory change (no, don't switch off; it's actually INTERESTING) - Open Banking. Not an expert? Well, one of the tastiest explainers was from Business Insider's Oscar Williams-Grut. It featured our client, Bean, as well as wise words from the seemingly ubiquitous Samantha Seaton of Moneyhub, Christoph Riech of iwoca, Ed Maslaveckas from Bud and Imran Gulamhuseinwala, a partner at accountant EY. Are we entering a revolution in the way we manage our personal finances?

How PR robots are disrupting banking

Ever had a lovely long chat online with a bank or insurer, only to realise you were chewing the fat with a piece of code? It turns out chatbots are so good in 2018 that they can sometimes be as good at handling customer conversations as we humans. There's some great commentary from economic anthropologist Brett Scott in this piece by Clea Bourne on The Conversation.

Getting in Tandem with Harrods

Start-up lender Tandem has completed its acquisition of Harrods bank adding 21,000 new customers and £80m of capital, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Chief executive appointed for fintech Scotland

Stephen Ingledew has been appointed as the new chief executive to promote the fintech sector in Scotland. The move will apparently "play a crucial role in cementing Scotland’s position as a world-leader in fintech".


Michael Taggart

Co-founder of Foco, the fintech content marketing agency