How to write content your customers want to read

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Talk to most people about how they feel about the BBC and they’ll more often than not say good things.

Aside from Jeremy Paxman’s disarming put-downs, perhaps one of the BBC’s biggest pulls is its all-encompassing remit to inform, educate and entertain, ushered in by its then-director general John Reith in 1927.

While society has come a long way since then with the advent of mobile phones and a dizzying array of new communication channels, the corporation’s much loved remit hasn’t changed, although its programming – or content – has.  

BBC Six O’Clock News informs, Radio 4’s Woman’s’ Hour educates, and BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing entertains – provided bawdy innuendos and titillating tangos are your thing.

When looking at writing your own content plan, taking a leaf out of the BBC’s book will serve you well, providing a flavourful mix of information, education and entertainment.

Often when looking at incumbent content strategies we see the focus rely far too heavily on informing and educating audiences, with the notion of entertaining audiences left outside in the cold, and the prospect of new customers frozen.

As a metaphor, you wouldn’t hope to attract the attention of a CEO at a party by balling over and launching straight into an informative discussion about the merits of using your own very specific software – you’d baffle them. You’d probably work the room first, congratulate them on the canapés and leave them entertained by your wit and humour, perhaps with a risqué joke about extramarital affairs on dancing shows – if ballroom dancing is their thing. The same is true for content strategies.

At Foco we do this by designing a bespoke ‘Topic Matrix’ for clients, picking broad subjects that will first entertain customers, before providing content that will inform, and then later on in the funnel, educate. This is otherwise known as the Know-Like-Trust continuum and needs to happen across the right channels and with the right creative content ideas, too.

Want Foco to create your own Topic Matrix and dazzle even the strictest of judges? Get in touch!

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