Tech & Tonic: How to get a job in fintech & how Dave can help you save

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What's been happening in the world of fintech this week? It might have been a short week for us in Blighty, but it was still packed! Grab a tin and dive on in.

Job advice for fintech-lovers wanting to get behind the Curve
Every once in a while you read something you wish someone had given to you a very long time ago. Before you'd stumbled through 10,000 interviews and given rambling answers that led both you and your interviewers down the troubled cul de sac of your broken dreams. It would have been far easier had you read challenger bank Curve’s tips on how to give competent answers first. This advice goes further than the usual ‘smile and wear something inoffensive’ you usually get. Check it out.

Stand out tips to make your fintech a success
Yuri Kruman of Master the Talk Consulting sets out five major areas fintechs need to smash in order to get their start-ups noticed in 2018. Clue: it isn’t decorating the office in unicorn colours although that might be nice. It’s US-focused, but still relevant to those operating in the European market. In it, Kruman imagines a frictionless utopia where customers can ask Alexa to find and apply for a new mortgage on your behalf. Whether you find that idea horrifying or not, this is a good read and gives plenty of food for thought. 

Savvy investors keeping one AI on the news
Arkera, an artificial intelligence platform that works by delivering investors news of events relevant to their investments, has raised £4,000,000 in a new round of funding. The round was led by XTX Markets and hedge fund manager Alan Howard with participation from DOCOMO Digital (a Foco client), plus additional investors. More news here.

Everyone knows a Dave, right?
Everyone knows someone called Dave, but does *your* Dave let you know when you’re about to sway into your overdraft? We hope not. Instead, check out Dave, a US-based app aimed at helping people avoid overdraft fees, has secured $13 million (£9,287,850) in a fundraising round. The funding round was led by a number of investors including entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who hit fame in the US for Shark Tank, the US version of Dragons' Den. More here.

Will the Cambridge Analytica scandal lead to an ad-ocalypse?
And finally…did you come here to escape the endless Cambridge Analytica coverage? No chance. Here’s our take on how the fallout could change the face of online marketing forever.

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