Tech & Tonic: Gary Oldman & open banking, GDPR explainer

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What's been happening in the world of fintech and marketing this week? Sit yourself down, ask someone you love to pour you a glass of gin laced with tonic and read on.

Gary Oldman and open banking

Fintech platform Bud was able to bring Gary Oldman and open banking together in a blog post in a way that has never been managed before and probably never will again. Congrats to Jamie Campbell, who wrote this sterling explanation on what the Open Banking Implementation Entity expansion of its API permissions means for consumers, and said the update was as ‘inevitable’ as Oldman’s Oscar win. 

What does GDPR mean in real terms for marketers?

Digital consultant Paul Sutton interviewed Katrina Cliffe, managing director of KC Communications, in the latest episode of the Digital Download podcast. For a concise and entertaining look at GDPR, as well as real-world examples of how companies have tackled the thorny task of compliance, listen here. 

Coinbase hires exec from New York Stock Exchange

Cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has hired a new vice president of finance. Eric Scro was previously at the New York Stock Exchange. The move is a sign the platform is heading closer to its goal of becoming the “Google of crypto,” according to Business Insider. 

Insurance industry must collaborate with start-ups ahead of Brexit

Experts in insurtech have urged the U.K. insurance sector to collaborate with start-ups. The UK insurance sector is “underplaying its opportunity to be the hub for insurtech”, according to Wrisk co-founder Niall Barton, who is quoted in Insuranceage this week.

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