Tech & Tonic: putrid pounds, women in fintech and TrueLayer's move into property

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Yes, it's been hot lately...but nothing is as hot as your hot-off-the-press weekly fintech news digest. So grab something, erm, cold and dive in to this edition of Tech & Tonic.

Has Facebook finished fintech?

The arrival of Open Banking early in 2018 was accompanied by headlines predicting the entrance of Facebook and Google into the banking market. But no-one is confident about that anymore. So what has changed? Two words, says Shore Capital's Matthew Elliott in today's City AM: Cambridge Analytica. The data scandal is threatening to tarnish the reputation of fintech in general, according to Elliott, and UK fintech has a huge job to win back the public's trust. 

Clarion call for cash to be canned

Wanna hear something gross? In a recent study, more than 100 different strains of bacteria from our skin and our mouths were found on a sample of paper money. It gets worse: banknotes can transfer live flu viruses for up to 17 days. We'll spare you further vomit-inducing insights, save to urge you to read this fascinating post by fintech thought-leader Chris Skinner, in which he declares his distaste for our system of un-delectable dough.

TrueLayer moves in to property

Few companies can be as committed to Open Banking as TrueLayer, the London startup that helps fintech companies access bank APIs. And, true to form, the firm is showing how the new data regime can benefit proptech, having partnered with cloud-based block management software Resident. The move (geddit?) will allow Resident to import bank feeds into its platform automatically, saving property managers, owners and landlords the time-consuming effort of manually inputting financial data. More here.

Girls just wanna have fundamentally great fintech podcasts

We know you love plugging in and zoning out with a good fintech podcast. So why not give "Women in Fintech" a try. In this first 15 minute episode, Tanya Andreasyan, editor in chief at Fintech Futures, sets out the challenges women face in the fintech industry. There are some shocking insights and it's well worth a whirl.

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Michael Taggart

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