Tech & Tonic: Why B2B buzzwords need to die and why moaning millennials are fine really

This sounds like something a millennial would do, and why not?

This sounds like something a millennial would do, and why not?

In this week’s Tech and Tonic we are ranting and raving. We’re annoyed about marketing buzzwords that should never have happened, plus the deluge of rubbish life hacking tips for hapless millennials saving to buy homes. Come in and join the party, this could be your last chance of having fun before Brexit.

Why not run this one up your flagpole?

Corporate buzzwords are the bane of any competent copywriter’s life, and posts that ridicule them are the best thing in any competent copywriter’s life. Behold, Fi Shailes’ collection of annoying B2B phrases that need to die. In short, this kind of ideation is true thought leadership, leading to a journey of complete synergy. Please consume this by COP.

Tech tools essential to advice

Cash flow modelling, the process by which a person can be shown in graphs how much wealth they might accumulate with different investment choices over a certain amount of time, has become 'essential' to the advice process, research by Focus Solutions has suggested.

Since the Retail Distribution Review, which dictated that advice become less ‘product-based’ and more about service, adviser firms have needed to demonstrate a more holistic approach to advice. Read Simoney Kyriakou in the FT Adviser.

Stop giving the public what they want: Lame ‘life hack’-style saving tips vs. the grim reality

Charles Walmsley lamented a rising tide of naff life hack money tips in the national press in this week’s New Model Adviser. The offending articles, usually headed something like: “How I ditched my latte habit and bought a £10 million pad,” attract plenty of ridicule in comment sections, but what was more bizarre, Walmsley reckoned, was the reaction when one such article drew a rather more realistic and sobering picture. How I live on a £69,500 salary while saving to buy a two-bedroom flat’, which appeared in the i, received such short shrift that the Daily Mail jumped in to criticise another ‘moaning millennial’ who, shock horror, was earning probably far more than her contemporaries anyway. But the truth is, Walmsley argues, you do need that kind of salary to even breathe the words ‘home ownership’ in London. We agree, let’s get real, and stop the lie that norms on salaries of £30K can afford to buy down south if they only cut out avocados. Brexit is going to ruin everything anyway.

Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash.