Tech & Tonic: The euro turns 20 and widows miss out on tax breaks

Hip hip hooray! Photo by  Thought Catalog  on  Unsplash

Hip hip hooray! Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

News story of the week: Widows miss out on wonga

In a cheery piece of news for 2019, around 150,000 married Isa savers die each year resulting in one in seven widows missing valuable tax breaks.

The relevance of this heart-stopping fact? According to the Tax Incentivised Savings Association, thousands of widows are needlessly paying tax on money inherited from lost loved ones, as only handful claim valuable reliefs on windfall Isa savings. Plucky financial advisers, we’re looking at you to educate the masses!

Comment piece of the week: What will the platform of the future look like?

In a compelling piece for Professional Adviser, Mark Knowlton of IT service management company GBST, posits on the potentially very rosy future of financial wealth platforms.

With the death knell sounding for giant, monolithic ‘one size fits all' platforms, Knowlton believes smart notifications, prompting people on when and how to manage their money, along with voice recognition, will become the norm. Read more here.

Number of the week: Euro celebrates 20th birthday

Other than a few hangovers, you’d be incorrect in thinking not much happened on 1 January 1999. Why? It was only the birth of the euro, Europe’s common currency!

That’s right people, your favourite European currency turned 20 this week, and how far it’s come (against the humble pound). Long live the euro!

Quote of the week

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