Tech & Tonic: Humble brags and cyber fails

How to get rid of the scourge of hackers? We need a hero dog. Photo by  Elias Castillo  on  Unsplash

How to get rid of the scourge of hackers? We need a hero dog. Photo by Elias Castillo on Unsplash

News item of the week: Security breach hits hard for Facebook

Last week, Facebook left 50m people fuming after hackers were allowed to log in and take their own fill of users’ accounts. The security breach is believed to be the largest in Facebook’s history and particularly severe because the hackers stole ‘access tokens’, which are not at all like the ones Pat Sharp gave out on Fun House. Slightly more serious, these ‘access tokens’ are a kind of Facebook security key that allow users to stay logged in over multiple browsing sessions. The possession of said key allows attackers to take full control of a victim’s account.

Not a whole lot of fun for Zuckerberg.

Comment piece of the week: Taggart talks tech

Most of the time we’re a humble bunch, not today though, we’re gonna arch our fairytale trumpets and blast them high into the sky.

Last week New Model Adviser, every independent financial adviser’s favourite news source, published our very own CEO, Michael Taggart.

‘Why on earth would they do that?’ We hear you cry. Because he wrote a bloody great piece, that’s why. Peppered with humorous anecdotes and straight talking sense, Michael details the business gains that adviser tech firms can (and should) make by making themselves attractive to consumers as well as advisers. Read more here because you’re worth it.

Number of the week: Every little cyber fail counts

In news that is certain to shake shareholders, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) hit Tesco Bank with a £16.4 m fine for cyber failings in 2016.

The attacks netted Tesco’s perpetrators with a comparatively small £2.6 million but were described as an “unprecedented” assault against a UK regulated bank and it seems the FCA is sending a clear message out to any banks not keeping security at the forefront of their minds.

Quote of the week

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