A week of fintech firsts: UK government invests £2.5bn, first female CTO, game-changing innovations from Orca and Monzo, and Foco-tastic talks

(Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

(Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

It’s been a week of firsts in fintech. But don't worry if you've missed it. We've got your back - just read on!

UK Government launches £2.5bn startup initiative

The UK government is taking fintech very seriously by unveiling a series of incentives to cement the UK’s position as the financial capital of the universe, which includes a whopping £2.5billion investment into the sector.

Startups will also be able to “fast-track” visa applications to attract top talent from overseas as well as a range of business networking opportunities to successfully grow. More here.

Sisters are doin’ it for fintech

We’re delighted to see Marketinvoice appoint the first female CTO in UK fintech. Rija Javed was headhunted from Silicon Valley money manager, Wealthfront to head-up the engineering, data science, product and design teams at Marketinvoice as part of its “aggressive expansion plans”. More here

We're confident that Rija will inspire more women to go into fintech and congratulate Marketinvoice on their successful appointment. Last week, Oval Money’s* CEO, Benedetta Arese Lucini, issued a clarion call for men to play their part in closing the gender gap, so this is welcome news.

Orca aims to make a big splash in fintech

P2P lending platform, Orca, is on a mission to transform the lending marketplace by providing a data-driven platform to help lenders and borrowers access the most relevant and reliable information to make informed investment decisions. If we’ve understood their vision and model correctly, then this is a major game-changer for the lending marketplace that could see Orca become the most advanced P2P lending platform on the market. More here.

Monzo’s mission to simplify banking...and life!

Speaking of game-changing innovation, those rebels over at Monzo have cooked up something pretty special that signals the start of more to come. So what have they done now? Well, they’re integrating ‘If This Then That’ (ITTT) with their banking app and hundreds of other apps to give you a completely personalised banking experience.

This move is significant not least because of the vast possibilities from advances in Internet of Things (IoT) could potentially offer consumers using ITTT with banking. Take it one step further with AI and we’re into a whole new paradigm of banking on one platform that could connect and automate your entire financial ecosystem. In the words of the great Leonardo Da Vinci: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Keep ‘em coming, Monzo! More here.

Digital Download

Last week, Foco co-founders Amy Rowe and Michael Taggart, took centre-stage at Digital Download Live 2018 to share their secrets about what makes a kickass podcast...okay, maybe not kickass, but definitely how to deliver podcasts that engage your customers to build your business.

Big shout out to Paul Sutton for inviting Foco’s dynamic duo to speak at the event. If you want to learn the art and science of successful podcasting then drop us a line at enquiries@foco-global.com or reach-out directly via Twitter to Amy or Michael.

And stay tuned because we’ll be running this session again soon, so if you’re interested then drop us a line via email and we’ll keep you posted for when we’ll be running the next masterclass.

Talking fintech

Foco co-founder and CEO, Michael Taggart, was on the radio earlier this week sharing his thoughts about finance and fintech, and his eclectic taste in music. The interview will be broadcasted next Tuesday, 19 June, at 11am so tune in here to listen to this connoisseur of content marketing wax lyrical about the future of finance.

Did we miss anything? Holler at us on Twitter over at @foco_global.

*NB: Foco client