Tech & Tonic: Internet gets inflamed and millennials force old people to use words they don’t understand

This brand is on fiiiiiire. Literally.

This brand is on fiiiiiire. Literally.


News item of the week: Nike upsets a handful of people, media adds fuel to fire

Nike’s latest ad campaign has resulted in protest of the worst kind. Americans defacing the very clothes they parted their hard-earned wages for, and in the very worst of cases, going so far as to burn their own Nike trainers. On the plus side, Americans do have good taste in garden chimineas, so not all bad news.

Why? The campaign features former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who reached notoriety after refusing to kneel while  the American national anthem was played before an NFL game back in 2016, a protest over police killings of unarmed black men.

While no doubt divisive (what good ad campaign isn’t?), James Temperton of Wired believes that the outrage experienced by a small handful of Americans has been blown out of proportion by the media, picking out select tweets from unknown individuals in a bid to display ‘mass public opinion’, something Temperton describes as ‘irresponsible’ and ‘lazy journalism’, with which we’re inclined to agree. Read here to make up your own mind.

Comment piece of the week: Fintech officially recognised

Read all about it! Read all about it! Linguistic imperialism found alive and well! Having made dictionaries since 1828, expert wordsters Merriam-Webster know a thing or two about the evolution/death of language. To impress this upon the world, they have announced that they have added 840 new words to the dictionary, including fintech. Joy!

In an interesting piece from Rachel England of Engadget, many of the new words have entered as a result of the internet’s influence on culture. Instagramming, bingeable, biohacking and TL:DR (too long; didn’t read) are all now part of our nation’s lexicon. Totally adorbs, btw.

Fundraise of the week: Countingup counts up £2.3 million

Bravo to UK startup Countingup which has raised a £2.3m seed round and is now counting down the days to its Series A round.

The firm combines a business current account with a built-in accountancy package, and is looking to use the capital to grow its developer team and add further accounting features to the app. More deets here.


Quote of the week: Do they know it’s Christmas?

I don’t watch TV, so I never know when brands do their Xmas advertising - except when folks talk about it here
— Financial adviser Nick Lincoln @HatTipNick

Akin to jumping out from behind the sofa and screaming ‘BOOOOO!’ at all the other supermarkets, John Lewis and Waitrose broadcasted a new extended ‘rebrand’ ad that fooled everyone into thinking Christmas had come even earlier this year. This was almost as powerful as Theresa May’s magic moves.

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