Tech & Tonic: Investing in causes, Instagram’s swipe at YouTube and Google's Play for podcast market

Photo by  Nathan Dumlao  on  Unsplash

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

We’ve news from investment app, Oval Money, which has just launched funds for those who'd like to invest in causes they care about, such as women in the boardroom and flexible working. Also, we look at Instagram’s move to lengthen its video time and Google’s ‘Play’ for the podcast market. Grab yourself a cup of Joe or something else really nice that you like better.

Not just in it for the money

Investment and savings app Oval Money (client), has just launched the first of many investment funds designed for socially-conscious investors, as reported in TechCrunch this week. Three funds – supporting gender diversity in boardrooms, flexible working and the brands that millennials trust –  will be available to customers in the app later this summer. Oval Money also kicked off its Series A fundraise with a significant investment from Italian bank Sanpaolo, as reported in Altfi.

Google's Play for podcasts

If you’re an Android user like me (Amy Rowe here *waves*) you’ll have been using an app like Podcast Addict or similar to get your podcasts. And, not to speak ill of a free and useful app, you might have struggled with finding new podcasts and getting good recommendations. Well, those days are over with the arrival of a Google podcast app. Google will use AI to help users sift through hours and hours of podcast shows to find the ones that really suit them. This will no doubt also challenge Apple’s native offering. Get excited, get very excited. More here.

Hey teacher, don’t leave them kids alone

Financial education is like sex education because schools aren’t talking about it enough, former teacher Andy West has said. 
“Some teachers are reluctant to talk about it, but if young people don’t learn about it, it can affect their entire life,” he wrote in this week’s Recalling his time teaching in a prison, Andy said that when young people aren’t told how a good grasp of English and Maths can help them manage money better, financial issues can completely overwhelm them later on. Fascinating piece, read it here.

Instagram goes long

Instagram will increase its video time limit from one minute to 10 minutes for most users, in a move that puts it in direct competition with YouTube. Instagram accounts with large audiences will be the first able to share videos as long as an hour. Get the lowdown here.

I Know What You Are Doing Next Summer

Hey you, yes you. I know what you’re doing next summer. Why? Because Foco’s CEO Michael Taggart will be joining a stellar line up at Bamfest, a one-day conference about marketing for financial planners run by Bamford Media. Other speakers include wrap platform Nucleus’s Natalie Holt, Neil Bage of Be-IQ and of course, Bamford Media founder Martin Bamford. Get your early bird tickets for the 2019 event here.

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