Tech & Tonic: Ticketmaster's data disaster, serial subscribers' sanity saved and Nationwide's fintech fund


🎶🎶It's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming, football's coming home 🎶...sorry, what's that? They lost? To Belgium!?! Oh well, rustle yourself up a Campari and soda with a gin chaser and some Bombay mix and console yourself with this week's Tech & Tonic.

Help arrives for serial subscribers

Do you remember starting that account with a Mongolian music streaming service? Or the time you used the same personal details to order the 3am online special at Greasy McFatty's Dirty Burgers? No? WELL YOU DID! You've just forgotten. And having all those accounts with the same log in details is a security threat.

Enter Inbox Security Scan, a new service that helps clean up old and forgotten accounts. The tech is being offered by Dashlane, the password management app. Once users grant Dashlane one-time permission to access their inbox, it scans the emails locally on the device and, in a few seconds, generates a report that summarises and analyses the accounts it found. So you can unsubscribe from the ones you don't use and get on with your lives, safe in the knowledge that you're less likely to get scammed. More here.

Tardy Ticketmaster takes action after Monzo raises fraud alarm

Talking of security, hats off to digital bank Monzo for spotting a major data breach at Ticketmaster, potentially protecting thousands of users from fraud. And hats firmly back on again to the ticketing giant, which apparently failed to tell affected customers for TWO MONTHS!

Way back in April, digital bank Monzo noticed a link between dodgy transactions reported by its own customers and their use of Ticketmaster. Yet it took until this week for the booking firm to admit that personal and payment details of up to 40,000 UK customers were compromised between February and June. Read Monzo's fascinating account of the story here.

UK's biggest building society launches fintech fund

Nationwide has launched a £50m fintech venture fund to accelerate the development of early stage start-ups.

The mutual will be focussed around seven main themes, says Finextra: house and home; personal data and identity; financial wellness; community and society; banking-as-a-platform; operational efficiency; and new segments. 

Nationwide says that the fund is part of its efforts to stay at the forefront of innovation, as it seeks to take on its larger high street rivals as well as a host of new digital-first challengers. 

Digital dozen tussle for tech trophy

Nesta, the innovation foundation, has announced the 12 finalists of its £2.5m fund for innovation in small business banking. The finalists will each receive a £100,000 grant, priority access to Open Banking data, and support to bring their products to market. A further five or six of the finalists will go on to win a further £200,000 by the end of the year, says City AM.

The finalists are: Akoni, Bokio, Bud, Capitalise, Coconut, Credit Data Research, Finpoint, Fluidly, Funding Circle, Openwrks and Swoop.


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