Tech & Tonic: Tinder goes long, Spain backs blockchain, kids benefit from financial ed, and sterling stuff at Starling Bank


From promoting economic prosperity to improving democracy, we've captured the most exciting tech innovations in this week's Tech & Tonic.

Tinder launches video feature

Video sharing is on the rise and Tinder is getting in on the act with its new Loops feature. Tinder users will be able to record two-second looping videos and post them to their accounts. Tinder has been testing its new feature since April by gathering data about how videos impact user interactions. So far, users with a looping video enjoy conversations that are 20% longer, with users in Japan getting 10% more right swipes.

Fintech can learn a lot from the likes of Tinder - and it won’t surprise us if Tinder ventures into the world of personal finance. Read more here

Spanish politicians consider blockchain

The Spanish government is preparing legislation, which includes tax breaks, to attract companies using blockchain technology into the country. The move is similar to Brazil’s regional government, Pernambucco, which took the bold decision over 20 years ago to shift its entire economic model from agri-business to invest in digital when the region was being strangled by the 1997 financial crash. The regional government created ‘Porto Digital’ in Recife by developing a 20-year strategy to become Brazil’s leading digital hub and is now regarded as one of the world’s most innovative digital clusters attracting the likes of Google. Spain seems to be adopting a similar move to bolster its faltering economy by focusing on blockchain as the driver of economic growth. Read more here.

UK MP extols benefits of blockchain

The UK is also gearing itself up for blockchain following the publication of a report by Conservative MP Eddie Hughes extolling the benefits of blockchain.

The snappily-titled report, ‘Unlocking blockchain: embracing new technologies to drive efficiency and empower the citizen’ not only advocates the economic benefits of blockchain but how this tech can improve democratic engagement and participation. According to the report, blockchain is the answer to these twin challenges facing every modern government. If blockchain be the saviour of economic and democratic prosperity, then crypto on!

Sterling stuff at Starling Bank

Congratulations to Starling Bank for winning the ‘Hottest fintech start-up’ award at the Europas earlier this week. The annual event, run by TechCrunch, celebrates the best of Europe’s tech scene and many of its shining stars. So massive congratulations to the team at Starling Bank for winning the award. Keep up the great work.

Financial education works!

A report by the independent research group Substance found that...wait for it...educating kids about money management helps them learn how to make better financial decisions.

The findings showed that those aged between seven and 11 were able to gain skills like budgeting by undergoing financial education. The academic year-long study analysed data from 1,444 pupils and 187 teachers at 86 schools participating in programmes with the charity MyBnk. Read more here.


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Michael Taggart

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