Tech & Tonic: ‘Not so sexy’ investor tip-offs, the £5.4bn tax coup and female founders

Carrying all that money must be taxing work for HMRC  (image by    Djordje Petrovic   )

Carrying all that money must be taxing work for HMRC (image by Djordje Petrovic)

News story of the week: Female founders are your best bet

KPMG published a study of UK fintech start-ups, which concluded that companies with female founders offer investors a better return. Take that, Silicon Valley - ha!

Good ol’ Bloomberg summarised the findings, highlighting KPMG’s claim that; “...firms with a female founder have more than double the internal rate of return on average than peers where the initial entrepreneurs were all male.”

The average rate of fintechs with a female founder based in Shoreditch has yet to be ascertained, however.

Comment piece of the week: “Not so sexy now, Yahoo!”

We feel guilty for enjoying the expression of sheer joy from Terence Moll, Chief Strategist for 7IM last week, as he tore apart Yahoo Finance’s assertion that cash is still king. The Blockbuster Video of the ‘net has made respectable attempts to stay afloat in the Google era, diversifying with its consumer-ish money mag and even a cheeky name change just to house its assets ( has anyone even heard of Altaba?).

However, new owners and assorted shape-shifting is not enough to convince ‘proper’ finance thought leader Moll; who lists about 10,000 reasons why, sadly, Yahoo Finance was wrong to publish ‘The sexiest investment for 2019: Cash.’

On a less deprecating note, Moll offers hope for those who are fearful of taking advice about investing in anything riskier than an ISA. He makes a strong (yet delightfully scathing) argument for how much investors would have lost in the last 10 years if they had focused on cash alone, which, in his words, would have left them crying, “Not so sexy now, Yahoo!”.         

Number of the week: £5.4bn pay day for HMRC ((sigh))  

St James’s Place reminded us of one of the downsides of dying, with a not-so-nice stat on how much the Government made from inheritance tax last year:  

“Families were hit with record Inheritance Tax (IHT) bills last year, according to figures published last week by HMRC. Receipts soared to £5.4 billion in the 2018/19 tax year” - boo!

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