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Image by Burst

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By Andrea Bruce, Account Director, Foco

Putting aside the common commuter woes that make us want to press ‘Snooze’ before braving the tube, that hour or so before work is one of the only times we give ourselves permission to indulge in something we enjoy during the week. Whether your leisure time go-to is normally a Jessica Jones binge or scrolling GQ’s Insta, nothing sets the tone for mental escapism quite like a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and a good podcast. 

We’ve selected 10 quality podcasts to search for on Spotify, iTunes or your chosen platform, that will help you take in industry news quickly, hear commentary on a big issue or collect some impressive conversation-starters in case you find yourself alone in a lift with your boss - enjoy! 

Staying abreast of news and markets

FT News Briefing 

“A rundown of the most important global business stories you need to know for the coming day, from the newsroom of the Financial Times.”

Usually no more than 10 minutes long, these podcasts offer a shallow dive into selected headlines, serving an American-accented, objective reading of the news before “a closer look” at a topic which is explained in detail by a senior FT specialist.

Wake up to Money, by BBC Radio 5 live  

“News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets...”

An average of 30 minutes long, each episode is punchy and begins without much fanfare, taking listeners into the meat of the day’s stories pretty quickly. Its Boardroom Stories sub-series features executives from companies including Sony, Co-Op and Pure Gym, who give a greater insight into business models and market performance.  

WSJ What’s News 

“One of the original business news podcasts. Mirrored after the popular Wall Street Journal column. Get caught up on your commute Monday through Friday.”

Not just America-facing, this series has covered Nissan’s global job cuts, Boris Johnson moving into number 10, WeWork growth and the Middle East. About 15 minutes max, each episode rounds off the macro issues impacting economies and markets bulletin-style, with an efficient-sounding, clipped east coast US accent. 


“MarketFoolery features Motley Fool analysts discussing the days (sic) top business and investing stories.”

Snapshots of roughly 15 minutes long, MarketFoolery is a US-based series that drills down on valuations, mergers, floatations and general developments affecting the markets. Facebook, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are just a few brands dissected by droll hosts and guest analysts. 

Commentary and analysis

Money talks from Economist Radio

“Our editors and correspondents give their authoritative take on the markets, the economy and the world of business.” 

Weekly and succinct, Money talks instalments usually last between 15 and 20 minutes, often focused on growth and barriers to growth faced by global economies. Episodes have included Simon Long, International Editor at The Economist highlighting initiatives to curtail the negative effects of Brexit in Europe, US big pharma and gender equity in big banking.  

Personal finance

The Meaningful Money Podcast 

“Pete Matthew discusses and explains all aspects of your personal finances in simple, everyday language.”

A consumer-focused podcast that offers a comprehensive insight into the fears and drivers occupying much of the ‘non-adviced’ UK right now. Frequently discussed subjects such as retirement planning, how to work out your risk tolerance and investing sensibly, are tackled by various expert guests as well as the host himself, who is a chartered financial planner.  

This is Money

“What you need to know about money each week and what the news means for you, from the UK’s best financial website.”

Georgie Frost and podcast editor Simon Lowther front this fast-paced, conversational magazine, peppered with more personality and low-key dry humour than many of the others on our list. Another consumer-focused podcast, handy for ensuring you’re up-to-speed on potential client concerns and the odd gem, like ‘What’s gone wrong for fund manager Neil Woodford’.  


Fintech Insider by 11:FS

“Fintech Insider by 11:FS is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to all things fintech, banking, technology and financial services.”

With some episodes ranging from 12 minutes to over an hour, the 11:FS hosts cover interesting fintech developments with a balance of authentic conversation, laughs and useful insights. The lead host (a rotation of about four 11:FS-ers) manages to cram in about half-a-dozen UK finance journalists, multiple witty co-hosts and founder interviewees who discuss news from a broad range of sources including Citywire and the Starling Bank team.  

Industry chat

The Wolf’s Den, by Jordan Belfort 

“The Wolf’s Den is podcast featuring Jordan Belfort (The REAL Wolf of Wall Street). He’ll discuss some of the craziest moments of his life, as well as interview the biggest celebrities, entrepreneurs, scientists…”

A lighthearted, relaxed chat between the wolf himself and a clutch of old friends who have done great things - although you probably won’t have heard of them before. Almost like being a fly on the wall of a teen boy’s locker room, with laughs and laddish in-jokes aplenty,  the buoyant Belfort extracts humour out of every situation, from ‘digital privacy’ to business success in the face of adversity.    

Chat With Traders 

“Chat With Traders is your key to the minds of trading’s elite performers.”

One for your whole commute and maybe part of the journey home, these Chats often go past an hour in duration and are hosted by the relatively young Australian Aaron Fifeld, who was profiled by Entrepreneur magazine for his savvy investment choices. Most episodes are targeted towards complete beginners with some inspiration for working, experienced traders who seek the odd tip or just want to switch off and dream a little. The daydream factor is upped by interviews with crypto success story protagonists and behind-the-scenes looks such as ‘What happens on a merchant trading desk’.   

This piece is an excerpt from Forward Look, a newsletter by our sister company MRM. Sign-up to receive finance, PR and media insights, by scrolling to the bottom of this page here.

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