Content marketing for B2B fintechs

Your challenge

B2B technology providers have a ‘Know-Like-Trust’ challenge. To sell your products and services, you need to be trusted, yet trust is hard to come by. This is because your products are often among the most expensive and risky purchases your buyers will make. Many firms have a secondary problem because they are also start-ups – and 90% of start-ups fail. So if trust is scarce because of pre-existing market issues, how is it won? The pre-cursor to trust is affinity. You must get your customers and clients to like you. Of course, a business can’t be liked unless it is known. The journey is from invisibility to awareness to affinity to trust. It is a “Know-Like-Trust” game and Foco helps clients win it.

At every stage of the Know-Like-Trust journey it is content that will help move the customer further along. Foco helps fintech companies deliver the right content to the right people at the right time by understanding their buyers. This is content marketing.


Foco builds data-led content strategies for B2B fintech brands to bring customers through a buyer funnel. We’re former journalists, so we believe branded content should be as good as any you would find in the national mediaIt should also be based on the needs of your intended audiences – otherwise it won’t work. We use a five-step process to create intelligent content programmes that work.

Content creation

Our brand journalists can create content recommended either in our own content strategies or in the existing content strategies of our clients.

Content consists of:

  • Online magazines

  • Individual articles

  • Commentary

  • Reports

  • Images

  • Graphics and infographics

  • Short films

  • Podcasts

  • Surveys

  • Social media updates