Deep customer insights


Deep insights

We gather deep insights about your audiences to understand their entire worldview. These insights enable us to craft compelling communications that connect directly with their emotions to trigger action.

Typically, this will involve some or all of the following components.

Influencers & experts

The online world is messy, complex and very noisy. We cut through this by making it simple and clear for our clients to connect with audiences online. We map social networks to identify key influencers online that are relevant to your business. We also carry out “Conversation Audits” to give our clients a powerful dossier on the most interesting conversations on the web and we help you join and benefit from those conversations.


We dive deep into the world of your customers to understand their deepest desires, hopes and ambitions so we can build communications around them.

We explore how they make sense of the world from their perspective and what triggers their actions. We use this information to help our clients innovate their products and services, and their communications.

By studying attitudes, behaviours, cultures, symbolism; by reading relevant literature and academia; by conducting stakeholder interviews and making observations in situ; and by building in-depth case studies, we immerse ourselves into the worlds of your audiences and communities, emerging with unparalleled insights about their core beliefs.

Customer journey mapping

We uncover customers’ decision-making patterns and experience of services to help you improve the overall brand experience. 

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