Digital engagement


Digital engagement

The 'old media' is becoming less and less relevant to customers and clients. These days, you need to be able to reach them and influence them online.

Foco is expert at researching and analysing the online behaviours of consumers and B2B buyers - and delivering strategies that work. 

We build award-winning online magazines, plan and host popular podcasts, run compelling social media communications and create viral content, including stunning video, audio and written content.

It’s all about having the right content on the right platforms aimed at the right audiences.

We use these insights and stories to build powerful search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies supported by influencer outreach programmes to drive inbound marketing to increase awareness and/or sales.

Our services include:

  • Social media research: we analyse online conversations about your brand, your competitors and your market using market-leading social media monitoring and analytics software. Then we make recommendations on how to transform your social media assets, build communities and influence people in a way that will support your organisational objectives.
  • Social media marketing: helping you build deep relationships with the people who matter to you by meaningfully interacting with them and the people who influence them on dozens of channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.
  • Content marketing: helping you engage, entertain and inspire potential customers and prospects with human-interest articles, how-to guides, white papers, blog posts, podcasts, video content and games.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO): helping you to get your messages to your target audience by appearing prominently in Google searches for relevant search terms.
  • Web design & development: Our talented front and back-end developers - basically geeks and proud of it - can build anything from complex and dynamic online portals and e-commerce sites, to digital magazines, blogs and simplistic brochure sites to promote your brand and generate leads.
  • Paid media: We live in a 'pay-to-play' era with services like Google, Facebook and Twitter offering far greater and more relevant reach for your content - for small or large budgets. We hand pick the right channels and media types to reach the right audience at the right time. Whether you need branded content, an Adwords campaign, promoted posts or remarketing ads, we'll find a solution that converts for you and demonstrates a verifiable return on your investment.

If you require more information about Foco's digital engagement services or would like to find out how Foco could help you, please email