Internal communications


Internal communications

Informing and engaging staff is vital to sustaining brand values. We work with our clients to build brands from within so that staff understand and embody the values of the organisation so it permeates through every customer contact.

Our services include:

  • Building an internal communications strategy alongside senior managers
  • Ensuring organisational activity is communicated to employees and stakeholders
  • Creating compelling content that works across internal media, whether instant messaging, social media, email, the intranet or a staff magazine
  • Creating and delivering presentations at organisational events, such as the annual general meeting
  • Drafting speeches, blog posts, videos and bulletins on behalf of senior managers
  • Seeking and responding to feedback from staff and building narratives and delivery methods that are based on that intelligence
  • Briefing senior managers on any issues arising from internal research
  • Handling the internal messaging in crisis situations so that staff feel empowered and informed

If you require more information about excellent internal communications or would like to find out how Foco could help you, please email