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We know starting a new business can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain. Foco can help you at each stage of that journey; from testing your idea and seed funding, right through to scaling and exiting.

The Foothills

You’re in the early stages of development – continually pivoting and iterating – and seeking seed funding from crowdfunding or angel investors. Your time is stretched between developing your product(s) and telling the world about it.

You need to:

  • Refine your product(s) based on validated learning
  • Seek further investment
  • Build a team


The Ascent

You’re growing. You want to launch into new markets and you need large investment to scale up. You’ll need a well-connected C-suite and a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy that attracts new users while impressing fintech influencers.

You need to:

  • Attract the attention of venture capital firms
  • Build resilience to competition and crises
  • Increase revenue and users

The Final Stage

You’re now a mature start-up. But with success, comes more challenges. The next stage might be making your company global, or you could be thinking about acquisitions, or heading towards an IPO. You’re probably even thinking about what comes after.

You need to:

  • Keep investors informed and excited
  • Audit and prepare internal structures for scrutiny
  • Articulate the company’s culture and vision