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Our evidence-based approach to communications ensures that our campaigns stick and deliver measurable results. We gather deep insights about your audiences to understand how they relate to your brand at an emotional level and - even more than that - their worldview.  Then we generate compelling stories that engage audiences to take measurable action. It works because we tell the right stories to the right people through the right media at the right time. We call this ‘human-centred storytelling’.

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Deep customer insights

We gather deep insights about your audiences to understand their knowledge, beliefs and behaviours. This research can home in on specific topics and particular communities or can be much more wide-ranging, encapsulating the entire worldview of large sections of your customers, clients or users. It can include social media research, consumer surveying, customer profiling and landscape mapping. Our work can take us to the dark corners of the social web or out onto the streets. Our methods intend entirely on what you need to know. 

Multi-channel campaigns

We use insights to craft the stories that will inspire actions that make your organisation a success. After road-testing those stories with samples of your intended audiences, we build strategies to tell them to the right people in the right way at the right time. Finally, we work with you to assess how successful your story-telling campaigns are. Whether you're looking for sales, downloads, subscriptions, votes or eyeballs, we'll help you draw a straight line between your communications and your business outcomes. 

Experiential marketing

We engage audiences directly by immersing them in fun and memorable experiences created by your brand. By inviting them to participate in your marketing - rather merely consuming it - you will develop a deeper relationship with them. This might mean inviting customers to try out a game or gadget. It could involve creating a huge interactive art installation. Perhaps, it could be about setting members of the public a challenge or testing them in some way. Whatever the experience, we'll create a costed-end-to-end plan.

Internal communications

Informing and engaging staff is vital to sustaining brand values. We work with our clients to build brands from within so that staff understand and embody the values of the organisation so it permeates through every customer contact.

Media relations

We will build the brand  you want by generating news stories and features in newspapers, magazines, TV and on radio. Our team of former journalists understands the news agenda and integrates media and public relations activities into every campaign.

Digital engagement

We all know we can no longer rely solely on the traditional media to reach our customers, whether we're operating in a B2B or B2C environment. Foco is expert creating researching online behaviours, creating the right digital content and delivering it in a way that resonates

Crisis management

We help clients anticipate reputation risks, build issues and crisis response systems, and provided strategic counsel to protect and promote the reputation of the organisation.

Training workshops

We also provide training in best-practice communications. Whether you need to know how to drive sales on Linkedin, how to measure R.O.I. or how to land a national newspaper page lead, we've got people who've been there, done that - and who want to show you how.

Strategic reviews

We’re passionate about delivering best-practice communications, so we’re equally keen to help organisations assess the performance of their communications team.