Creating your data-led content strategy in five logical steps

Foco builds evidence-based content strategies for B2B fintech start-ups to bring customers through a buyer funnel – from knowing you, to liking you, to trusting you. Content should always look good, sound interesting or read well but it should also be based on the precise needs of your intended audiences – otherwise it will fail to make your customers buy from and recommend you.

At all stages of the funnel, your buyers will need to be informed, educated, inspired or entertained. Foco conducts meticulous research over its five stage process to understand when and how to do this.

  1. Build personas

We build user personas using dozens – sometimes hundreds – of data points. These include the likes and dislikes, fears and dreams of your target clients.


2. Map typical user journey

We work with our clients to define user journeys along the buyer funnel. We examine any drop offs in the sales process, whereby clients leave the process early.


3. Design a Topic Matrix

We then design a “Topic Matrix” – we pick the broad topics that will inform, educate, inspire or entertain the target audience at each stage of that funnel.


4. Create content calendar

We then add data on persona media preferences, client resources and media trends to turn the Topic Matrix into a content programme, or calendar.


5. Engineer an evaluation framework

The final step is to engineer a framework by which to evaluate the success of the content programme as it is implemented.