What is Foco?


The meaning of Foco?

Foco is theory of revolution by guerrilla warfare. It happens through a small, fast-moving group that can provide a focus (in Spanish, 'foco') for a popular revolution to transform and improve social conditions.

Originally, the foco theory of revolution was formulated by French intellectual and government official Régis Debray, whose main source of inspiration was Ernesto "Che" Guevara's experiences surrounding his rebel army's victory in the 1959 Cuban Revolution.

The principle aim of foco is vanguardism, which is a strategy to create movements for change by drawing in larger sections of society towards revolutionary action for positive social change.

This is what we, the founders of Foco, want this business to be all about. We want to help organisations gain popular support for their ideas by communicating in a way that makes people feel something.

We believe that when you excite emotion with your communications, you can jump-start a gentle revolution of engagement with your publics and develop the conditions necessary to improve life conditions.

We believe the days of self-centred, dull PR, marketing and internal communications are over.

Join the revolution.