The Foothills

You’ve begun your journey, navigating a winding, ever steeper climb, towards the point where you’ll launch your start-up to the waiting world. You’ll need to attract talented colleagues by conveying an inspiring and credible vision to a wide pool of professionals who are looking for the next challenge. You’re likely entering your first or second substantial round of funding,  so you’ll need investors and the British business community to believe in your company. Their heads will be turned by mass consumer, or business brand awareness and evangelical early adopters. We can help with all of those challenges.

It could look like this:

A six-month B2B and B2C PR and content marketing campaign designed to create mass consumer awareness, drive subscribers and traffic to your website and impress investors.

We would use a mixture of tactics to launch your product and its founders to the B2B and B2C media, including tech reviews, proactive news commentary, opinion pieces, guest blog posts, business updates and meetings with journalists.

We’d measure the success of this campaign in many ways, which may include tracking website traffic, sign ups to email newsletters or an app, increases in Google rankings, increased sales enquiries and/or a successful and swift round of funding.

You will also have the benefit of the decades of media and digital experience from our team. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have, which might include financial promotion regulation in the U.K., European data regulation, dealing with the Press, user experience on websites and other apps and/or social media advertising.


The Ascent

You’ve left the foothills of an early-stage start-up behind and are now in “scale-up” mode. Your investors will need to feel a sense of momentum and will want to know what you have planned. They’ll be impressed by viral growth, the familiarity your brand enjoys among journalists, bloggers and influencers. And you’ll know your customer and your competition inside out.

Foco’s support could look like this:

 A two-pronged content marketing and PR strategy that tells the world about the powerful movement you have created. Whether you believe in financial inclusion, financial education for five-year-olds and up, or improving outcomes through technology, we would work with you to create an innovative brand campaign that will put you on the map.

 This could include tactics such as the creation of an online, multi-media magazine and dedicated social media channels, powered by influential bloggers and edited by journalists. The very best content could be cherry-picked and promoted to a highly targeted audience via social media, or placed in the media. We would work together to create a groundswell of support for your message, working alongside you to improve the lives of your customers and the people you reach.

 We’d measure success of this campaign in many ways, but this might include media mentions, meetings with influential change-makers in your space, such as politicians and business owners, feedback from your users and/or clients and online engagement.


 The Final Stage

The air is thin but you’ve acclimatised well and the view is awe-inspiring, whichever way you turn. Whether you’re preparing to sell, to go public or to acquire another business – or even preparing your next challenge,  you will need to become a thought leader in your niche, articulating the company’s vision to Britain’s business community and becoming a name in the households and online networks of your intended users.

We can help.

We could build a fully-managed investor relations programme that ensures your business has a robust messaging framework for each audience, as well as the content collateral needed to communicate your work with your investors.

This could include preparation for a specific website or investor-only pages, press releases, presentations, videos and annual reports. This would be backed by 24/7 counsel from our experienced team, who would be on hand to advise on any communications issue. You would also have a dedicated press office team. We would audit internal and external communications to ensure all of your colleagues are communicating with the correct channels, are making best use of technology and are complying with the regulations.

We would be tracking a variety of metrics to ensure the programme worked, including interviewing and training your colleagues to close any gaps in knowledge as well as highlight any areas for concern. We’d also interview recently onboarded investors, as well as those not working with you, to find out exactly what they thought of the process or the investor relations collateral, with the aim of constantly refining and tweaking your message until it hits the mark and you move onto the next stage, whatever that might be.